Working With Images

The Image API allows the user to generate an image representation of the fingerprint for a given term, text or expression, offering an interesting visual perspective on the Retina. In particular the compare method of the Image API allows the user to make qualitative judgements with respect to the fingerprints.

All information regarding the methods of the ImageAPI can be found under the Image tab in our interactive API documentation.


The image functions are all implemented as POST calls, where the input document is attached to an HTTP-Header. For example, using curl, (all on one line)

curl -k -X POST -H "api-key: yourApiKey" -H "Content-Type: application/json"
      &plot_shape=circle&image_encoding=base64%2Fpng&sparsity=1.0" -d @yourInputText.txt

Where yourInputText.txt would be a file containing the body of the call, e.g.:

 "term": "jaguar"

producing the following image


The API endpoints for the Image API are:

  • image
  • image/compare
  • image/bulk

API Clients

The FullClient object available in the Java, Python, and JavaScript client libraries has the following methods for calling the image endpoints:

  • getImage
  • compareImage
  • getImages